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A Movement of Recovery


Belinda - Australia

After multiple rehabs, detoxes and impatient psychiatric hospitalisations I had given up on any chance of ever getting clean, let alone living any kind of life. I had lost my children, my family, my home and my dignity. I was so, so sick and tired of being sick and tired. I’d given up on myself and I’d reached the stage where my family and friends had given up too. I honestly didn’t know what to do. I remember squatting in my old house, emptied of furniture, no electricity, but with my children’s posters and photos still on the wall , All alone , deciding that I would kill myself. It was Christmas. But I couldn’t stand up, I was so wasted, and instead I called the only person I could think of, Nev (who had been a part of my only other attempt at recovery) I was at rock bottom and desperate . No one else would take my calls. Nev did. He saved me. It’s really as simple as that. He spoke with my family, he organised rehab, found me a bed, and was a huge part of my rehab/recovery journey. When people care, it can change your life. I’m nearly a year clean, I work full time and study part time, I have deep connections with my family and have forged amazing new friendships. I have the love and respect of my children and see them regularly. I am active in the recovery community and hold service positions to be able to freely give away what was given to me. I am a productive member of society. I never imagined that I could change as much as I have, I never knew there was a way out . I didn’t believe anyone cared enough. I didn’t know how to care enough. There are many people that have helped me on the road to recovery and the life I am blessed to live now, but it started with Nev, and I feel privileged to be able to write this testimonial. Thank you for everything. It took a while, but I got there. Much love, and god bless xx.

Simon - Wales

Nev is a very talented, thoughtful counsellor who has on more than one occasion has supported and saved me when I was literally on deaths door, on many occasions over the 8 years since ive been fortunate to know Nev,I cant stress enough on how good Nev is within the practice he councils.If your fortunate to work with Nev,be it an addict or a councillor,one one lucky individual.I wish you all best brother with MOR.

Warren - Australia

When i first met Nev, i wasnt in a good place, i was in a dark place struggling with mental health issues and addiction. Over the course of 3 months? Nev helped me to unravel the disorders I was living, he has taken the time to work with me to pull me from the depths of despair, with a genuine heart and a deep level of committment along with experience and qualifications in Addiction therapy he provided the tools, education and ongoing support i needed, he knew what I felt and what was required to get me to the life I live now. A life I appreciate and want to be part of. Much love Nev. I wouldnt know where i would be today without your help.

Elidh - New Zealand

I first met Nev when I went for my first try at Social Detox. I had expected to meet some stuffy old guy, who was just there to make sure none of us took off or used, and who had had their drug and alcohol training from some text. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I met a lively, motivating guy with a great sense of humour (and very importantly was excellent on the guitar). Nev always had time for me, I felt comfortable talking to him, even though at the time I was detoxing and paranoid. I guess I could describe him as one of the most REAL people I’ve met. Recovery was not just sitting round feeling for myself – he was always ready to make sure we didn’t get too heavily into ourselves – going to the beach, out for bus trips, having music evenings out on the patio, even initiating “Recovery via surfboard”!! By the time I got to my 5th go at detox I said to Nev, I’m 45, have used since I was 14, why do you guys even bother with me, nothing will ever change. I can’t remember his exact words, but it would’ve have been something like Don’t leave 5 minutes before the miracle, and I’m so glad I did. Recovery is often described as an inside job, but having supportive people around you is also something that an addict of any kind should have. My favourite Nev quote is “It’s a process not an event”. And in that process I myself now work as a Peer Support Worker at that same detox centre. I’m so glad that Nev has always been there for me, even though some of them had cleaned their slate of me. He gave me hope. To anyone considering working with Nev, I say totally go for it!! He won’t dig the hole for you, but he’ll give you a shovel and show you exactly where to dig!

Simon - Australia

Nev saved my life and my family. The love and guidance shown to a broken man like myself was exactly what was required. Keep on keeping on brother sharing the love and the light as you help those without hope. Sending love and gratitude.