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28 day rehab


I am a registered New Zealand Drug and Alcohol Practitioner & Social Worker with professional accreditation and years of experience in the field of Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation and substance related issues. I am also the founder & Clinical Director of a premier Rehabilitation Centre in Bali, and founder of the non-profit Movement Of Recovery platform. In recovery now 17yrs myself.

I recently returned to New Zealand having escorted a client from a Drug Treatment service that closed due to Coronavirus, I am now currently in lock-down doing a tailor-made 1 on 1 South Island New Zealand Rehabilitation drug & alcohol treatment service. Practicing best health and safety Coronavirus procedures and protocol working together with the client to have them return to their family & loved ones - substance free, of healthy mind, healthy body and spirit - in times of Coronavirus.

The majority of New Zealand rehab centers have also closed due to the current Coronavirus epidemic. I empathize with individuals, loved ones and families who have substance addiction or related issues at this time or at the best of times, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

How It Works

  • After an initial free assessment, I offer the service of discussing best treatment options and personalized care, based on the preferences of the client.
  • If (as a result of the latter) it seems the best course of action I can set up detoxification regimes overseen by a professional assessors and GP’s and make referrals other services if required.
  • Practicing best health & safety during Coronavirus I can only move from 1 safe isolation zone to another. In line with this clients will be required to undergo a Coronavirus test before commencing the: My Holistic Recovery – Southern Rehab New Zealand Isolation Program.
  • Working with the families and loved ones throughout treatment is a proven course of action for best treatment outcome. (However this is entirely up to the individual)


Individuals often need a professional skill set to enable them to find their true selves beneath the cloud of addiction and traumatic experiences. Knowing what it took me to find my own way to recovery from active addiction helps immensely, although each individual’s journey is different and one glove does not fit all.

My Holistic Recovery aims to provide the best New Zealand Rehabilitation Service tailored to your individual needs and preferences. My Holistic Recovery Addiction Services in NZ provides the highest standard of continuum care and empirical evidence based research practices for addiction treatment.

MHR provides an effective service delivery model with best-practice rehabilitation. MHR New Zealand Drug Rehab is tailored with each individual to meet your individual needs and preferences with qualified care and professional help to guide each step of the way. As an experienced Drug and Alcohol practitioner, Nev walks alongside you enabling you to find, purpose, meaning and a life fulfilled with freedom from active addiction.

MHR New Zealand Alcohol Rehab, Program always aims at increasing self efficacy, quality of life, and enabling you to reconnect with yourself and loved ones. MHR is the best Private New Zealand Rehabilitation Service at the lowest price with professional qualified care 24hrs a day.

MHR is proud to have an extensive network in New Zealand to help cater to a complete package and integrated Addiction Service in NZ. We work closely with our clients to provide optimum results. My Holistic Programs primary purpose is that you, or your loved one, receives the best care, support, and means of treatment possible.

I work with many modalities, including acceptance therapies, mindfulness, motivational techniques, MI and cognitive behavioural therapy CBT. Utilising my knowledge of the neurobiology of addiction, gratification and the reward model to give empirical evidence of the importance of finding and sustaining a fulfilling life substance-free.

As a Drug and Alcohol practitioner, I work closely with each individual, in order to ascertain which modalities of practice work best, based on personal preference, cultural background, belief systems & other factors which may be blocking one’s path to freedom from addiction.

I have extensive experience in RECOVERY CASE MANAGEMENT, facilitating groups, giving family and school educational sessions, individual counseling, team management, plus an array of other skill sets.

"I work with ecosystems, finding how to best utilize a client’s immediate environment, professionals, loved ones and the community in order to secure best outcomes maintaining long-term abstinence and recovery."

There is a respite period for clients especially while they are in the period of detoxification from substances. Each program can be tailor-made to match the preferences and needs of each client. However a typical day will consist of:

7:00am Wake Up
8:00am Morning Exercise and Yoga
1 on 1 Check In then learning CBT and Mindfulness Techniques
12:00pm Lunch
1:00pm - 2:00pm Education
3:00pm - 4:00pm Individual Therapeutic Written Tasks
5:00pm Relaxation
6:00pm Dinner
9:00pm Online Recovery
11:00pm Relaxation/Bedtime

Costing & Requirements

  • South Island NZ Rehab My Holistic Recovery treatment program costs $12.000 NZ for 28 Days
  • Individuals or families are required to provide a safe house whether it is in their own home or Air BnB (or other) for the duration of treatment.
  • Testing for Coronavirus is essential before treatment can commence.
  • Additional costs such as GP, other health professionals, detoxification regimes and medications will be paid by the client families or loved ones.
  • Costs of travel and food is to be paid by the client.

Find freedom from alcohol and drug addiction during Coronavirus and reconnect to your true self, family, and loved ones