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Fee: AU$800 per day (Assessed case by case)


  • Meeting With Loved Ones And Family Members To Discuss The Process & Purpose Of Interventions
  • Formulating Strategies & Back-Up Plans With All Involved
  • Facilitating The Process & Flow Of Interventions With Families, Medical Professionals And The Individuals Involved
  • Setting Up Referrals & Appointments With Services
  • Formulating Step By Step Action Plans With Families & Individuals
  • General Catch-Up And Strategic Planning

"Addiction is not a spectator sport, eventually the whole family gets to play."

It’s hard to understand, how somebody could inflict the pain and consequences of their addiction on those who love them or are under their care. We start with understanding.

It’s not the person – it’s the addiction.

Many loved ones or family members have said, "If you loved me, you’d stop." Unfortunately, once someone has become reliant on a substance, the addiction and gratification from substance use override the user’s sense of morality.

With each of the services provided, I aim to keep families or loved ones involved each step of the way unless a client prefers otherwise. Family support and education is often a primary drive for a person to find his way from addiction to recover.

"After realising that your loved one suffers from addiction, the most common emotions associated with seeking help are fear & anxiety."

I understand that the number of questions you have may and it can feel overwhelming.

The FIRST STEP is to know that your questions and feelings are absolutely normal and you’re NOT ALONE. There are people around the world facing the same heart-breaking dilemma at the very same time you are.

NEXT STEP is to talk to someone about it.


  • To accept that a friend or loved one needs help and understanding how their use is impacting not only themselves but those who care for them is a hard process.
  • Getting an individual to admit they need help is even harder. Addiction is often an elaborate web of justification, blame, dishonesty, and self-deception.
  • From the initial conversation with friends & family, I closely work together guiding them through the steps of organiZing a successful intervention and providing personal assistance during the process along with discussing further treatment and family therapy options.
  • I offer a variety of services to make those who suffer from substance use-related issues and their loved ones feel supported each step of the way.
  • Having facilitated many educational groups for families and the general public on (amongst many others) the neurobiology of addiction, I offer my experience and professional knowledge to guide and support families affected by addiction-related issues along the way to recovery.
  • Initial consultation services help you navigate through the overwhelming number of options available and choose the resources that you and your loved ones need
  • Healthy family dynamics and a strong support system are crucial, especially in early recovery.
  • In family therapy cases, I provide my clients and their loved ones with a variety of services from education to individual therapy sessions with a variety of qualified clinicians, referrals to support groups and many other tailor-made options all decided with a personal case by case approach involving you every step of the way.