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I offer a free 30 min assessment, as a result of which, you’ll be presented with a variety of tailor made options (from individual case management to treatment facilities, health and mental health practitioners, family therapy specialists and alternative medicine options).

Just as each of us has an individual skill set, strengths, weaknesses and values – differently approached should be every each case of a substance abuse struggle and recovery. At the bottom of every story lies a unique combination of factors, often involving family history, trauma, mental issues, fears, insecurities and suppressed longings. Recognising that is a crucial element in building foundation for a successful recovery. My experience has taught me to never underestimate the value of an initial assessment.


  • After the free, initial assessment, I offer the service of discussing best treatment options and personalised care, based on the preferences of the client.
  • If (as a result of the latter) it seems to be the best course of action - I can set up referrals to services for treatment, aftercare and any other if required.
  • In those cases, my services may include organizing safe transport while transitioning between home and treatment center.
  • Apart from the above I can provide referrals to additional clinical, medical, psychiatric, wellness, and legal services if required.
  • Tailor-made, Individual Case Management can be based in Bali or abroad, depending purely on the preference of the client.