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Fee: AU$2,500 per week


  • Full Assessment
  • 24hr Personal Professional Care & Regular Monitoring Service
  • Advocation On Clients Behalf. Liaising With Medical Professionals & Other Services As Required
  • Setting Up And Monitoring Medical Regimes
  • Referrals To Other Services
  • If abroad all flights and living expenses are to be covered by the client or family

"Detoxification from any substance is a highly delicate, individualised process of care that needs to be conducted by qualified professionals only."

Depending on what substances individuals are withdrawing from, any care provider determines what type of medical care and assistance is required. The acute phase of alcohol withdrawal generally requires between 7-14 days of medical care, whereas methamphetamine can typically be managed with mild antipsychotics and sleep, during a period of approximately one week.

Length of treatment depends on a number of important factors, including:

  • Clients physical and psychological status
  • The length of time the client has been using substances
  • The amount of alcohol or drugs that the client is using
  • Whether the client misuses multiple drugs
  • Re-occurring medical or psychiatric conditions

It’s important, that people walking alongside an individual going through detoxification and withdrawal from substances understand the half-life periods of particular substances, crash-cycles, and that there are trained de-escalation techniques and practiced international standards of care when dealing with people’s lives.

I have extensive experience working in detoxification units and as a Clinical Director of a private treatment facility. My role consisted of overseeing detoxification regimes in conjunction with psychiatrists and medical teams.

People often slip through the cracks, due to long waiting lists to substance detoxification services. However, this does not need to be the case. I offer tailor-made individual treatment & detoxification programs in conjunction with certified medical professionals, either in your area or abroad and will walk beside you, each step of the way.

"Detoxification is the first step of recovery, it doesn’t need to be painful and you don’t need to do it alone."