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Fee: AU$100 per hour (Assessed case by case)


  • Recovery Case Management
  • Comprehensive Treatment Planning
  • Referrals To Facilities And Services
  • General Check-In, Catch-Up And Stragegic Planning
  • Setting Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timeframe (S.M.A.R.T) Goals
  • Ecosystems And General Daily, Weekly Life And Balance Plans

"I practice a client centred approach, always building up an individuals self-efficacy, believing each person knows their truth best."

However, they often need a professional skill set to enable them to find their true selves beneath the cloud of addiction and traumatic experiences. Knowing what it took me to find my own way to recovery from active addiction helps immensely, although each individual’s journey is different and one glove does not fit all.

I work with many modalities, including acceptance therapies, motivational techniques MI and cognitive behavioural therapy CBT. Utilising my knowledge of the neurobiology of addiction, gratification and the reward model to give empirical evidence of the importance of finding and sustaining a fulfilling life substance-free.

As a Drug and Alcohol practitioner, I work closely with each individual, in order to ascertain which modalities of practice work best, based on personal preference, cultural background, belief systems & other factors which may be blocking one’s path to freedom from addiction.

I have extensive experience in RECOVERY CASE MANAGEMENT, facilitating groups, giving family and school educational sessions, individual counselling, team management, plus an array of other skill sets.

"I work with ecosystems, finding how to best utilise professional help, immediate loved ones and the community in order to secure best outcomes maintaining long-term abstinence and recovery."