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Addiction can be unsafe and risky. Drug and alcohol addiction can be scary and damaging to an individual as well as their family members. Few people have the confidence to conquer these issues by themself; many need a professional to help them kick their addiction.

There are different Bali rehab centers available to treat people suffering from addictions, including drugs and alcohol. However, you have to choose a reliable Bali rehab center.

My Holistic Recovery is a reliable and reputed Rehabilitation Centre in Bali and a Program of Recovery platform.

Individual Case Management:

This program is designed with some specific rules and guidelines. As a Drug and Alcohol practitioner, Nev Doidge works closely with each individual in this process and analyzes the type of modalities of practice that best suits an individual on the basis of their personal preference, cultural background, belief systems & other factors. He will set a comprehensive treatment planning system for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timeframe (S.M.A.R.T) Goals. For more information.

Private Substance Detoxification:

As it is the first step of recovery, this program is all about a full-time Personal Professional Care. In this program, we will communicate with the required Medical Professionals & other Services on behalf of you and monitor it properly. You will be offered personalized individual treatment & detoxification programs that will be performed by certified medical professionals. For more information, you can contact our team.

Counselling & Recovery Support:

Here in this specially outlined program, our motto is to provide the best treatment that you deserve. As a professional, Nev Doidge will help you to recover by using the 12 step model as a base combined with other modalities at his disposal. You will also be offered practical education tools to work through trauma, grief, or any other underlying problems. For more information, you can contact our team.

Family & Group Interventions:

This program is completely designed with having the support of your Medical Professionals, Loved Ones, and Family Members. In this process, we always have precise Strategies & Back-Up Plans to achieve the best results. You will be offered different sorts of services from education to individual therapy sessions with a variety of qualified clinicians, referrals to support groups, and many other tailor-made options.


Reasons may vary in different situations and different ages of groups, but they fall victim to drug and alcohol addiction at a certain point in their life. We can say that drug and alcohol addiction can happen to anyone. However, it also has treatment and anyone can opt for it. Even if you are finding Rehab in Bali, then you can have many options. Choosing the right Bali Rehab can make a difference.

Are you searching for the best Bali Rehab Centres? My Holistic Recovery is a premier Rehabilitation Centre in Bali and the non-profit Program of Recovery platform. We offer the best yet effective Bali Rehabilitation Service according to your needs.

Nev Doidge is a registered Drug and Alcohol Practitioner with considerable professional accreditation. He is a reputed Recovery Advocate, Counselor, and Interventionist and has a wealth of experience in the field of Drug & Alcohol rehabilitation and substance-related issues. He works with different modalities, including acceptance therapies, mindfulness, motivational techniques, MI, and cognitive behavioural therapy CBT. We ensure that you can get the best Bali Rehabilitation Service.

Here we offer a wide range of different treatments for the patients from individual case management, treatment facilities, mental health practitioners, family therapy specialists, and alternative medicine options. We ensure that all our therapies are effective and the best solution for drug and alcohol addicts.

We always focused on the highest standard of clinical care provided by our professional and experienced team. All these services are particularly designed to meet different client needs with highly effective addiction treatment, privacy, and comfort. Our Bali Alcohol Rehab Offers an enjoyable and life-changing therapeutic solution with a distinctively spiritual backdrop thus ensuring a quick and lifelong addiction recovery process.

We understand the science and personal struggles of addiction. So, we always work closely with addicted people to understand the exact problems and factors which may be blocking one’s path to freedom from addiction, and accordingly, we tailor the practice fort them. We can also provide referrals to additional clinical, medical, psychiatric, wellness, and legal services if required.

Our Bali Drug Rehab is located in a charming place that is blessed with panoramic views. It gives you an ideal place to share in a compassionate atmosphere. You can access our Bali Rehabilitation Service at the best pricing range.

You can also go through our website to get more information about our Bali Rehab Centres and services. All you just need to contact and visit us for 30 min of free assessment and choose your appropriate Bali Rehabilitation Service. You are not alone.