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Originally from New Zealand, Nev Doidge is a registered Drug and Alcohol Practitioner with considerable professional accreditation and years of experience in the field of Drug and Alcohol rehabilitation. Holding a degree in Alcohol and Drug studies and a diploma in Social Work.

Nev is also a proud founder and was previously the Clinical Director of one of the most renowned treatment centres in Indonesia – Sivana Bali.

His most recent project – Movement of Recovery is a charity organisation, created to be a vessel of change – inspiring, empowering and supporting the Recovery Community worldwide, while breaking through stigma and misconceptions attached to addiction and recovery.

Nev has his own personal history with drug addiction. He has been on the journey for sixteen years now and has a great passion for helping people in need. First nine years of his recovery were about building foundation and healing wounds within himself and his family. During this time he was very involved in voluntary service to help those who also suffered from addiction. He worked as a social worker with the New Brighton Police, City Mission Drug and Alcohol Detox Unit, as a live-in house counsellor in a transition facility and a drug and alcohol counsellor with Care NZ.

Nine years later, Nev moved to Bali with the vision of setting up a service that would help others find recovery. Being a part of one of the first more established english speaking treatment services on the island and watching its expansion has inspired him to start his own facility.

Sivana Bali quickly became one of highest rated treatment centres in the country. After stepping down as a Clinical Director and leaving Sivana in the competent hands of his colleagues, Nev already had bigger plans in mind

Marrying his longtime dream of hitting the road in a camper van and road tripping through Indonesian islands with a desire to give back to the local community (often deprived or struggling with an access to mental care and substance abuse resources) resulted in a foundation of Movement of Recovery. A charity organisation monitoring, inspiring and supporting services around the Indonesia and bringing together the around-the-world Recovery Community via Social Media and various events.

Recognising his primary calling as providing help to those struggling with addiction and their families via professional support, mentorship and guidance, Nev now also offers his services in managing individual cases, staging interventions and providing access to relevant information for those in need.

"Besides providing support to individual cases, I strive to end the discrimination surrounding addiction and recovery, clear the preconceptions, and stigma clouding the social perception of it and open door to recovery for every person in need, regardless of the geopolitical, religious, social or personal obstacles."