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A unique New Zealand Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Service. My Holistic Recovery MHR 28 Day Program. Together with your fully qualified personal practitioner/counsellor you can choose your location of preference for treatment. Rehab in New Zealand - a personalised program to re-engage in a life substance free.

Based in Bali Indonesia, Nev Doidge is the founder of a premier Rehabilitation Centre in Bali, the non-profit Movement Of Recovery platform and is a registered Drug and Alcohol Practitioner with considerable professional accreditation with years of experience in the field of Drug & Alcohol rehabilitation and substance related issues offering his services as a personalised Recovery Advocate, Counselor and Interventionist. Helping people source the best treatment options throughout Indonesia and abroad. From individual case management, treatment facilities, mental health practitioners, family therapy specialists and alternative medicine options, all tailor-made with a professional and YOU most importantly, to make YOUR RECOVERY not only possible but life-changing, enjoyable and lasting. Providing help to your loved ones, who may be suffering with addiction and receiving the tools needed in staging an intervention, accessing support groups or simply recognising your options.

"I practise a client centred approach, always building on an individuals self-efficacy, believing each person knows their truth best."

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